Accessibility Suite Literacy Productivity Pack In Stock Now

Includes the following programs (may vary depending on version):

  • Text Cloner Pro: A robust scanning application with full OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Specially designed to work as a great companion for users who already have screen reader software.
  • Complete Reading System: A standalone system for blind users that can scan and read a wide variety of text placed on a standard scanner.
  • Talking Word Processor: A fully speaking word processor that saves files in standard MS WORD format. Version 6.0 of the Talking Word Processor includes Predictor Pro, the industrial strength Word Prediction.
  • Scan and Read Pro: Full-powered scanning application with full voice capabilities for reading, combined with electronic document creation with easy-to-use controls that get you up an running quickly.
  • Scan and View: A low-cost alternative to Closed Circuit TV. A great aide for anyone needing low-cost magnification.
  • Text-to-Audio: A high-end application that can take existing digitized text files and convert them to multiple standard audio formats (e.g. WAVE, MP3). All audio files can be saved to other media (diskettes, CD's) and played on other audio devices/ systems.
  • Universal Reader: The Universal Reader is a very easy-to-use utility that reads to you. Use it to read your email, your WORD documents, even PDF files.
  • PDF Magic: PDF Magic can convert ALL types of PDF files (including Encrypted) into easy-to-use MS WORD, RTF, HTML or TEXT files!
  • E-text Reader: The E-Text Reader is designed to help those who have trouble reading or comprehending the printed word. The E-Text Reader will read (using digital voices) the electronic version of books (E-Books, or E-Text) to you. The E-Text Reader can read any document in Standard Text, MS Word, RTF (Rich Text Format) and HTML formats.
  • Talking Dictionary
  • Off Limits Web Browser
  • AT&T Natural Voices
  • Ultimate Talking Dictionary
  • Talking Calculator
  • Talking Checkbook
Contents: 1 CD