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BuildAbility is an easy to use authoring tool for building rich, single-switch early literacy activities and lessons. Teachers can build a complete multimedia page with pictures, text and sound through the Click-to-Create toolbar. BuildAbility activities are easily shared with other teachers and parents with the free BuildAbility Player. Get started with the more than 20 literacy activities created by Caroline Musselwhite, Patti Rea and other literacy experts. Teachers can tie in topics that students are learning to build background knowledge. Easily include students' own drawings, their own experiences, voices or photos of familiar people and surroundings taken with a digital camera. BuildAbility engages young learners with movement. Drawmation technology remembers each stroke you make on a page. As students read, pages are redrawn and the story dramatically unfolds. Story text is automatically read aloud and highlighted, helping students attend to words. BuildAbility books can be adapted versions of what the general class is reading, "how-to" books for daily tasks or about any topic.

Contents: 1 CD, 1 user's guide