Keen Bracelet (Small, Teal) In Stock Now

The Keen bracelet by HabitAware is a smart bracelet that brings awareness to unwanted behaviors so you can take control. Keen was developed to help people manage unwanted body-focused repetitive behavior disorders. First you train the bracelet to your specific behavior, then it vibrates when it senses your behavior. You push the button to track your behavior and use these reminders to retrain your brain. Works with the Keen Smart Bracelet mobile app.

The Keen bracelet works best with small-movement repetitive hand behaviors, including hair pulling - scalp, eyelashes, and eyebrows (trichotillomania), skin picking or scratching (excoriation), and nail biting (onychophagia).

Requirements: must charge with cable; must download free mobile app

Contents: 1 Keen with small teal wristband, USB charging cable, 3 latching pegs, 1 set-up guide