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This software program uses a combination of teaching activities and games to help students master the TouchCounting method. As students complete each step and play its corresponding game, they learn to successfully count any combination of coins. The main menu guides students to complete the steps of the program in order. Once students show their mastery of counting by 1s and skip-counting by 5s in the first activity, they move on to identifying coins and their values and then learning to TouchCount coins. Activities 2-5 are each followed by a game that reinforces the knowledge students have gained.

Game titles include:

  • Money Tic Tac Dough
  • Money Match
  • Coin Concentration
  • TouchPoint Bingo.

As students progress through the activities, they hear the sound of coins clicking as they earn money for answering correctly. This money is used in TouchMoney Market, the final activity of the program. Students shop at one of two stores where they use their earned money to buy items. The tutorial can be accessed for a review of a step if a student needs clarification. Teachers can access an individual progress chart to see student scores. The last two scores for an activity are shown on the progress chart.

Contents: 1 CD, 1 user's guide